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Stonehaven Energy Resources Services
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Global Start-up Planning

  • Executive Summary Execution Plan – Written plan of what will be done
  • Start-up Strategy – Condensed Power Point Executive Summary
  • Site Integrated Process Flow Sheets – Visual flow plan of the Start-up philosophy
  • Scheduling – Assigning durations to the work identified above bases on 12 or 24 hour day

System Scoping / Punch-listing

  • Develop and Apply Scoping Philosophy for Electrical, Process, Utilities.
  • Identification of system boundaries for turnover by area following scoping philosophy.
  • Develop Turnover Priorities by Area, by System.
  • Construction walk-downs by scoped system and development of deficiency punchlist.

Pre-commissioning Activities Identification, Planning and Execution

  • Develop procedures detailing the work to be done and how it will be safely executed.
  • Direct and execute all system pre-com set-up, execution and equipment reinstatement.
  • Procure and manage specialized vendors to execute specific complex tasks if required. Develop scope of work packages.
  • Develop electrical loop checks and procedures.
  • Develop and execute mechanical / rotating equipment pre-construction preservation and startup plan.
  • Develop motor rotation checks and initial motor run ins.
  • Provide live trending alignment on rotating equipment.
  • Develop instrumentation loop checks procedures and checksheets, device commissioning, transmitters functions, valve stroking.
  • Develop automation loop check procedures and checksheets for SIFT, SAT, and commissioning.
  • Develop first fill information for Supply Chain Management.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of vendor equipment.
  • Module yard inspections.

Construction / Turnover / Completion Management Teams Interfacing

  • Act as operations representative to ensure a quality built product is turned over.
  • Align and keep teams focused on Area / System priorities and provide direction when required.
  • Provide solutions to issues as they arise to keep construction / turnover on track.
  • Work with contractor to utilize construction window to execute pre-com activities prior to installation of heat trace and insulation for time and cost savings.
  • Take ownership of systems (TCCC Transfer of Care, Custody & Control) from construction on the owner's behalf for commissioning & start-up activities.
  • Participate in multi-discipline walk downs as owner’s rep or as support to operations.
  • Coordinate activities around tie-point connections to existing running facilities.

Commissioning Activities Identification, Planning and Execution

  • Determine type of commissioning activities required by system
  • Develop operating procedures, detailing work to be done and how
  • Develop mechanical/maintenance procedures for equipment commissioning and / or repair
  • Lock Out & Tag Out (Loto)
  • Permitting
  • Risk Reviews
  • Hazops
  • Model Reviews
  • Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRAs)
  • Direct and execute all system commissioning set-up and execution

Work Tracking and Communications Protocol

  • Weekly report outlining project progress, forecasts, risk potential - sent to senior leadership.
  • Daily update meetings with discipline leads.
  • Clean Pipe Program progress tracking by system.
  • Area Process Tracking Sheets - Visual breakdown of activities on a step by step basis.
  • Tracking of Mechanical Completion & TCCC’d systems.
  • Punch-list tracking by system until closure.
  • Site wide notification of C&SU activities that impact other stakeholders.
  • Document Audits

People & Equipment Services

  • Commissioning coordinators / techs
  • Rotating equipment coordinators / techs
  • Piping coordinators / techs
  • Electrical & Instrumentation coordinators / techs
  • Automation coordinators / techs
  • Management or Support Team
  • Sub-contractor procurement and management
  • Equipment rental/procurement & management
  • Client specialty requirements I.e. Engineering support, PSSR set-up coordinators, Turnover / Punchlist tracking & auditing coordinators, Permit Office set-up coordinators, HSE Coordinators
  • Completions & Commissioning Database Administrators – Learn more about the software Stonehaven uses and recommends for it projects from Industrial Business Solutions – Continuum-Edge @

Post Start-up or Ongoing Operations Support

  • Operations coordinators and techs
  • Maintenance coordinators and techs
  • Turnaround coordinators
  • Site Wide Services coordinators and techs
  • Procedure Writers
  • Customized E-Learning & Training Support – Learn more through our partnership with SMT Learning @

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