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Stonehaven Energy Resources Services
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Stonehaven Energy Resources (SER) has a proven track record of assisting those tasked with delivering success. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Stonehaven Energy Resources (SER) is COR/SECOR certified. Click HERE to view certificate.
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Why Stonehaven?   Major energy projects are large, complex, capital-intensive undertakings, where communication and integration are critical for success. A gap in this integration often appears between the Constructor and the Operator. The Constructor is focused on "big picture" construction, but often lacks the in-sight needed to deliver key systems integral to a sequential Start-Up. The facility Operator is focused on preparing project deliverables, but not necessarily focused on, or experienced in, executing the Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities required for Start-Up. Stonehaven is prepared to bridge the gaps and drive your project to success.

To achieve best outcomes:

1  We work with the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) team to identify issues in design early on that can affect operability or safety so they can be rectified prior to construction.

2  We work with the Constructor to help identify and resolve issues that hamper completion of their deliverables in a timely fashion.

3  We help the Constructor to prioritize completion of plant systems, in the optimum order, to facilitate the timely transfer of Care, Custody and Control to project ownership; thus positively impacting project schedule.

4  We work cohesively with the Constructor to minimize deficiencies and with the Operator to ensure those remaining deficiencies are rectified.

5  We plan and manage pre-commissioning and commissioning activities so priority systems are ready when required by the Operator.

6  We work with the Operatorís team during the start-up/ramp up phases to provide technical support and resources to help line out equipment and systems.

7  We assist the Operator with project close out to ensure all "work to go" is captured, a plan is prepared for its completion, and all required documentation is handed over.

8  We can work with the Owner Operator to develop preventative maintenance plans for new assets to effectively transition from "reactive" to "proactive" maintenance scheduling.

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